Sports nutrition consultancy and human performance centre in the North West.

Release your true potential.

Race Faster's Stephen Smith provides the ultimate in bespoke performance nutrition and physiology testing for athletes of all levels.

Knowing your individual physiology removes the guesswork from your nutrition and training, to help you release your true potential and achieve your goals.

Stephen left a promising career as an engineer to pursue his true passion: sports science. His interest in nutrition began through wanting to improve his own sporting performance. However, this interest developed into a desire to pursue nutrition as a career and ultimately help other athletes improve their health, performance and achieve their goals.

Since then, he has worked with athletes from a wide range of sports including motorsport, mountain bike, triathlon, cycling and mixed martial arts. He has also supported expedition crews rowing across the Atlantic.

Stephen believes in a food-first, evidence-informed approach to working with athletes, translating complex scientific research into sustainable and practical advice to improve athletic performance.

PhD(c), SENr (Grad)


At our human performance unit in Wirral, we use state of the art assessments to develop a complete profile of your individual health, metabolism  and physiology. These tests help identify your strengths and weaknesses, leading to more effective and efficient training.

  • VO2 max.

  • Training Zones

  • Lactate threshold

  • Resting Metabolic Rate

  • Body Composition

  • Blood Analysis

  • Sweat Testing

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  • Dietary Analysis & Optimisation

  • Bespoke Meal Planning

  • Supplement Recommendations

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Nutrition consulting forms the core of Race Faster. Combining your individual physiology, lifestyle and sporting goals into a complete performance nutrition package.

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