Stephen Smith

Performance nutritionist and exercise physiologist 

Stephen is a qualified and SENr registered sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist with extensive experience in the preparation of athletes.

He left a promising career as an engineer to pursue his true passion: sports nutrition. Since then, he has worked with athletes from a wide range of sports including motocross, enduro, speedway, downhill mountain bike, triathlon, cycling and mixed martial arts. He believes in maximising the health and performance of the athlete through not only the diet, but lifestyle changes as well.

His interest in nutrition began through wanting to improve his own sporting performance, in combat and motor sports. However, this interest developed into a desire to pursue nutrition as a career and ultimately help other athletes improve their health, performance and achieve their goals.

As his education in nutrition developed, it became apparent that a lot of the principals thought to be true were, in fact, myths or marketing hype. He soon realised that there was a lot more to sports nutrition than what you read in magazines or newspapers. This led Stephen down a journey of education in sports nutrition, beginning with an MSc. before pursuing a PhD. He has now set up a sports nutrition consultancy, using state-of-the art laboratory equipment to develop a full understanding of the athlete's individual physiology which allows him to create a completely bespoke nutrition coaching plan.

Stephen believes in a food-first, evidence-informed approach to working with athletes, translating complex scientific research into sustainable and practical advice to improve athletic performance.


Food for Performance

A hands-on class for athletes who want to learn how to cook healthy, nutritious food and how to build these foods into their performance nutrition plan.

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