My name is Stephen Smith, founder of Race Faster. I'm a qualified sports nutritionist and physiologist with extensive experience in the preparation of athletes.

I've worked with athletes from a wide range of sports including motocross, enduro, speedway, downhill mountain bike, triathlon, cycling and mixed martial arts. I am passionate about maximising health and performance of the athlete through not only the diet, but lifestyle as well.

My interest in nutrition began through wanting to improve his own sporting performance in combat and motor sports. However, this interest developed into a desire to pursue nutrition as a career and ultimately help other athletes improve their health, performance and achieve their goals.

As my education in nutrition developed, it became apparent that a lot of the principals I thought to be true were, in fact, myths or marketing hype. I soon realised that there was a lot more to sports nutrition than what you read in magazines or newspapers. This led me down a journey of education in sports nutrition, beginning with my MSc. before progressing to PhD. 

Through this education I have improved my own health and performance, but also helped both recreational and elite athletes improve their health and achieve their goals.

If I had to summarise my philosophy it would be:

"I believe in a food-first, evidence-informed approach to working with athletes, translating complex scientific research into sustainable and practical advice to improve athletic performance."


    MSc Sports Nutrition – Liverpool John Moores University

    Pg Dip. Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition – Guru Performance Institute

    Certified Sports Nutritionist – International Society of Sports Nutrition

    Currently completing his PhD in Sports Nutrition and Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University


    UKAD Anti Doping Advisor

    Certified Anthropometrist, International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK)


    British Dietetic Association

    Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) – Graduate Registrant


Danny Hart – Professional DH MTB rider and two-time UCI World Champion.

"I worked with Steve during 2016 when I won back-to-back World Cup races and the World Championship. It was a great experience, he made everything very simple and easy to follow, with many different options for food in my plans."

Mike Grundy – Pro MMA fighter and Olympic Wrestler

“I worked with Stephen in the early stages of my Pro MMA career. He made the guidelines as to what to eat on a daily basis easy.
Every weight-cut was made easily and safely. The recovery plan he put in place gave me plenty of energy on fight night.
I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who would like to go on a fat loss program.
Even more so for athletes looking to perform better and get the edge over their opponents”

Andy Bennet – National Master’s Cyclist

"I went to Stephen last year for help with my nutrition. I had a couple of wins early season but was always battling to keep weight down. I couldn’t get the balance right between weight loss and having enough energy. It was always one or the other. Stephen had a look at my diet and routine and explained about ‘fuelling for the work required’ and how different days required different nutrition strategies. After implementing his ideas over the winter I started this season at racing weight and have been able to keep it stable whilst fuelling properly for my training and racing. With 12 wins so far this season I would definitely recommend Stephens services as the final piece of the jigsaw if you’re looking for winning performances."