Inadvertent Doping and Supplement Contamination with Ross Austen

This week I’m joined by Ross Austen from Informed-Sport. He describes himself as a ‘normal guy riding the wave of life’, but has a great story to tell regarding his journey through fitness, including modelling, time as a bobsleigh athlete and starting his own drinks business. I invited Ross onto the podcast to discuss ‘inadvertent doping’, where we discuss how athletes have tested positive for banned substances due to taking a contaminated supplement.

In the show we discuss:

  • What is inadvertent doping and why every athlete should be aware of it.
  • How supplements become contaminated
  • The testing process of supplements to become Informed-Sport certified.
  • Which supplements pose the highest risk of contamination
  • How an athlete can minimise the risk of inadvertent doping

You can learn more about Ross on:


His RA Nutrition & Performance page

Or check out his new drinks business on Facebook or Instagram (@hanorahealth): Hanora Health

This episode is also available on Soundcloud:

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