It begins with a detailed assessment in our Human Performance Laboratory


The results of your tests inform the interventions we put in place to optimise your nutrition, training and performance.


Implement and adjust your programme with personalised coaching through weekly consultations

Our Services


Performance Testing

An in-depth analysis of your health, physiology and metabolism


VO2 max. and Lactate Threshold

Metabolic Flexibility and Fatmax

Resting Metabolic Rate

Nutrient Deficiency

Sweat Sodium Testing

Complete performance testing package with a comprehensive report £395

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Combine our in-depth testing assessments with bespoke performance nutrition coaching to truly optimise your performance.


Dedicated support

Bespoke nutrition, hydration and supplement plan

Limited availability to ensure the highest level of service

Minimum of 12-weeks


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Planning your training and making adjustments can be difficult and time consuming. Our sports coaching service provides you with a bespoke training plan, tailored to your goals and objectives.


Dedicated support through TrainingPeaks - includes an account

Bespoke training plan

Limited availability to ensure the highest level of service

Minimum of 12-weeks

Can be combined with physiology testing in our lab and performance nutrition support for a complete athlete experience.

£97 per month

Athletes we’ve worked with

Expert experience

Steve Holcombe - 5-time world Enduro Champion


Andy Bennet

National Masters Cycling Champion

Danny Hart

2 x World Downhill Champion

Mike Grundy

UFC Fighter and Olympic Wrestler

Fortitude 4

Trans-Atlantic Rowing Team