Race Faster offers bespoke performance nutrition services for recreational and elite athletes.

Support is available to individuals, both online and face-to-face, as well as sports teams. A complete, personalised solution towards improving your nutrition.

What's Included

  • In-depth nutrition and lifestyle ananlysis

    A thorough analysis of your current lifestyle and nutrition, using dedicated nutrition software and questionnaires

  • Bespoke nutrition plan

    Including personalised meal plans, macronutrient recommendations, hydration advice and workout nutrition

  • Supplement guide and plan

    Personalised supplement plan and guidance

  • Weekly coaching to monitor progress

    Weekly phone or Skype video calls, with me, to discuss progress

  • Unlimited phone/ email support

    Whatsapp and email support available 7 days a week, meaning I am always available to answer your questions

Also available

  • Physiological performance analysis

    V02 max. and lactate threshold using either a treadmill or cycle ergometer

  • Body composition assessment

    Body fat percentage and lean mass analysis

  • Resting metabolic rate

    Including your metabolic efficiency i.e. your ratio of carbohydrates to fat.

  • Event Support

    Attendance to your event to cook, prepare and provide food and hydration

  • Diet analysis with recommendations

    A thorough analysis of your current diet, providing a breakdown of calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Followed by recommendations and a custom meal plan

  • Online Consultation - 1 hour

    Discuss a particular area of your nutrition, ask questions, or discover how nutrition can help you. Fee is deducted if you sign up for monthly coaching following your consultation.

How it works

The online coaching service allows me to work with athletes from around the world, giving you access to my expertise and knowledge no matter where you are.

Firstly, spaces are limited to ensure my clients receive the best service available. Therefore, coaching is provided on an application-only basis and your suitability will be assessed on application.

If successful, you will be provided with a comprehensive questionnaire which gathers information about your goals, lifestyle and experience.

I have successfully worked with athletes from as far as Australia through Online coaching support.

The process begins with a detailed questionnaire-based analysis of your current diet, goals, results and training. Once your questionnaire is received a bespoke nutrition plan is created. You will then receive a video call to give you the chance to ask questions, touch base and discuss moving forward. From here, your plan will be provided and you will then receive continuous, dedicated coaching through video calls, email and phone contact to ensure you keep progressing.  


Online coaching gives you access to expertise and knowledge no matter where you are in the world. I’m passionate about helping you improve and perform better and by working closely with you we can enhance your nutrition and training. I’m are passionate about education, and will help you to understand the complex world of nutrition allowing you to build a fundamental understanding of food and performance nutrition.

What will you receive when working with us?

  • Dedicated, committed and passionate coaching.
  • Access to knowledge gained from 6+ years of nutrition education up to PhD level.¬†
  • An in-depth needs analysis beginning with a one-to-one chat with your coach to discuss your goals, lifestyle and diet.
  • A bespoke nutrition plan including meal plans and educational documents tailored to you.
  • A personalised supplement plan and information guide.
  • Weekly coaching meetings through Skype to monitor your progress, see how you’re doing and make changes if necessary.
  • Coaching around education on food and performance nutrition, allowing you to make lasting changes and better decisions.