An Athlete’s Guide to Supplements

Throughout my time as a nutritionist, supplements are one area that continue to cause confusion. We are bombarded with messages about supplements through social media and magazines, some promise performance and whilst others promote health benefits.

As an athlete it is important to educate yourself about supplements. Not only to understand the possible benefits, but also the potential risks and downfalls of using them. Supplements have been shown to improve performance and can support health, but have also led to athletes being banned due to contamination.

Education forms a strong pillar in Race Faster’s philosophy, I believe in empowering the athlete to make their own decisions regarding nutrition, including supplements, and this forms part of our coaching process. So, I designed a short, step-by-step guide for athletes to reduce some of the confusion around the process of buying supplements. This guide includes the pros and cons of supplements, safeguarding yourself as an athlete and also which supplements may be beneficial or which to avoid.

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